A box of trading cards that are called Flash Friends Set 2.  The box is cream colored with artwork of skulls, a snake and the grim reaper.  The box is on a wood table and the background is blurred.
Flash Friends Trading Cards - Set 2

Flash Friends Trading Cards - Set 2

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  • Common, Rare, Ultra Rare & Holographic cards. 
  • 4 different variants:
    • 1 pack (13 cards)
    • 5 packs (65 total cards)
    • 10 packs (130 total cards)
    • 1 box (36 packs per box, 468 total cards)
    • 1 carton (6 boxes, 216 packs, 2808 total cards)
  • 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch cards 
  • 80+ Artist from around the world!

Note on getting these card designs tattooed:  You can have any of the Crocodile Jackson card designs tattooed but please ask permission from any of the other artists before tattooing.