Vinyl sticker of a skull with color-blocked hot pink and yellow horns rising from the temples, an entry way with colorful stairs in the third eye’s location, a very long nasal opening, irregularly-shaped eye sockets with seafoam green and hot pink shapes within, a mouth full of teeth that include a pink, blue, yellow, and green tooth in each color, a similar entry way with colorful stairs within located below the horn on the right side, and 3 triangular protrusions from the occipital bone.

Charlee sticker

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Hi my name is Charlee and my favorite color is clear, but I'd shit rainbows if you add me to your cart along with some of my other friends here at the Croc Shop.

  • Part of the Flash Sheet turned stickers series
  • 2x3 inch stickers
  • Produced by Night Owls in Houston, TX

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