HOLD ON TO YER HAT - NEW prints & posters coming SOON!

A print with a pink growling tiger holding a dagger in its left front paw, a clock necklace and a spiked metal ball attached at the tip of its tail.  Below the tiger is a gold star like character with googly eyes, white tube socks and red shoes. Standing on the tiger is another character with tube socks and blue checkered shoes.  It's upper body is a brick wall with arms punched through holding hatchets in each hand.  Another break in the brick shows two googly eyes.

Buds print - COMING SOON!

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Buds are important and they got your back!  

  • 11 inch x 14 inch
  • screen printed
  • French 100# paper
  • Paper color - white
  • Produced by Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX

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